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In this strategic Euro-Game adventure, gain the presidency of the Hanseatic Trade League through skillful trade and the expansion of the city of Lübeck.


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Join us on a journey to the middle ages - a time when emerging trading cities became important influencial factors in the political game for power and wealth. Originating in Lübeck, the Hanseatic Trade League is formed, long-distance traders join forces and thereby create unprecedented wealth in northern Europe.
There are also many opportunities for young merchants to gain power and influence. Nevertheless, only few have the chance to be elected to the most influential position and thus lead the Hanseatic Trade League as Aelderman.

Aelderman is a competitive Euro-game for 1-4 players. You embody an ambitious merchant in the medieval Hanseatic Trade League and fight for your place at the top of the trade alliance!
Through lucrative trading with other Hanseatic cities, you increase your wealth and gain more and more influence in the entire region of the North and Baltic Sea. Meanwhile, you contribute to the development of the flourishing city of Lübeck by commissioning useful buildings. Try to secure important privileges during the Hanseatic Convention in the Council Hall before your opponents take them away from you.

Game overview


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Trade on the sea map

Use your action points well to choose a wise route between the Hanseatic cities, purchase goods profitably by using the innovative trading mechanism or establish external production facilities.

Moving ship and field of action

Place influence

Influence actions on the sea map

Strategically place your influence markers to secure the majority of influence in as many sea zones as possible. Establish subsidiaries at important key locations to manage your trading empire more efficiently.

Power base in Lübeck

Select the best building sites in Lübeck, construct buildings and make yourself popular by celebrating lively feasts. Stay one step ahead of your opponents by fulfilling the public council orders before they get the chance.

Delect building sites and construct buildings

Hanseatic Day

Hanseatic Convention

Use your influence to secure the most lucrative privileges during the Hanseatic Convention. But be careful during the secret auction – don’t let your opponents know how precious certain bonuses are to you.

End of the game: Aelderman election

Money alone will not be enough to win this strategic Euro-Game. Rather, you must succeed in securing as many council votes as possible through influence majorities on the sea map, your reputation in the city of Lübeck and through various privileges and luxury goods. You can only win the title of Aelderman and thereby the game with a majority support of votes after five rounds.


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