We have recently reached some milestones in the development of our Euro-Game "Aelderman"! (09/2022)

After the illustration and most of the graphic design were completed, we have ordered our prototypes from the production company. We very much hope to hold those precious copies in our hands soon.

At the same time, we worked with WeMakeTeasers to create a promo video for our Kickstarter campaign. We are super happy with the result and thank Matthew and the whole team! See for yourself what we created:

October brings the most important event before our Kickstarter launch. We have booked a booth at SPIEL in Essen, where we’ll host three game tables with our brand new prototypes. For all of you who would like to play a round, take a quick look at the material or just get to know us - you can find us in hall 6-E106. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

The illustration of AELDERMAN is finished (06/2022)

During the last couple of weeks and months we have been working on replacing our prototype material with Ryan Lowe’s beautiful artwork. Finally we are able to present some of the most important game components in their new design:

player board

game board

building tiles

At Berlin Con we presented „Aelderman“ to the public for the first time. We played plenty test rounds and received a lot of positive feedback. We are happy to have many new fans and to be able to take up some suggestions from the community. We are now eagerly working on the revision of our prototype, which will be produced soon.